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We have been having a very busy second half of the term. We have been learning about a range of animal habitats and why different animals have different habitats. We have also been rehearsing for our school concert item and the children are really enjoying this. It seems to be coming along nicely. We will also be making some props and parts of our costumes. In the last couple of weeks of the term we will learn about how people around the world celebrate Christmas.


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School has been very busy! We were invited to decorate a Christmas tree which is displayed at ‘The Marketplace’ shopping centre. It was great fun making decorations and so nice that so many parents brought their children after school to help decorate it. We showed our decorations at assembly hanging them on a human Christmas tree, at the suggestion of year one student, Caelin Hayman.

We have been preparing for White Ribbon Day which prompted some interesting discussions and creative art works. We will share these with students from other classes, on the day.

Our art work from Visual Arts activities is on display in the school foyer. There are some interesting comments from the students about Aboriginal dot paintings.

End of year assessments have dominated Maths lessons and revision of natural Maths strategies. For our English assessment, we all wrote our own Information Report about water. Our Science studies about water have been very popular. Students talked about pollution, the three states of water, the water cycle, uses of water, how to save it, and after mentioning icebergs, they did their own research about the ‘Titanic’.

We still have to plan a Christmas party and rehearse our Christmas concert item!

Gail and Halaena

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Children enjoyed writing thank you letters to the Fritsch Family for the huge contribution that they made to the parade. It was useful for students to consider the perspective of their writing: from a person who participated and loved the experience and from the perspective of a member of our school community.

We are busy preparing for concert, parties and Kris Kringle. Students have been given materials from school so that they can make a “gift” for home work for their secret KK. The learning is based around many aspects of Getting Along, about self-smartness and people smartness. This is a perfect time to reinforce the fact that there are good secrets (that we should keep) and bad secrets (that we should find a trusted person on our network to share).


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YEAR 5, 6 & 7 CLASS

We’ve begun the busy journey toward the end of the year. Year 7 students are writing their speeches and we’re all putting together our mix of a play and a dance for the end of the year concert.

Students have been busy discussing, analysing and designing in Economics. We’ve looked at why and how companies manipulate consumers. In Art, we finished off our epic projects and the final products look amazing. In music, we’ve looked at reading basic music as well as forming beats and rhythms on drums (or in our case, buckets). In technology, we’ve been discussing how to substitute unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones and have finished by designing our own recipes.

In History, we’ve written historical recounts about the Victorian Era in Australia, formed time-lines and deconstructed videos and books to find out about the historical content they contain. In addition to this, we have researched the fashion of the era and used our knowledge to design our own clothing.

In Maths, we’ve looked at Algebra, while in English we’ve been reading a historical recount about the Victorian Era as well as looking at how we structure the text type when writing our own.

For the rest of the year, the students will be finishing maths with location and transformation, working on the concert item and doing some Christmas activities.


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All classes are learning about Christmas in France for the last three weeks of school and will be making Christmas decorations with a French flair. They will also be learning about Christmas traditions in France.

Last Saturday, along with a number of other languages teachers in the South East I attended a Languages Training and Development in Naracoorte. We reviewed the new Australian Curriculum and discussed and learnt ways of implementing it in our classrooms. It was good to find out that what we do at Mil Lel is on a par with other schools and departmental requirements.


Congratulations to students for completing the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Certificates and medals have now been distributed.

The Scholastic Book Fair is going well and will be closed by the end of Week 7. Thanks for your support as the school receives books to the value of 20% of total sales. We will be able to order more books for our Library. Thanks to Jill Gilmore for organizing the Book Fair and also the other amazing things she does during the year in the Library.



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