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Maths: observing patterns to solve problems

In Maths, we love using problems from the Nrich website: they’re designed to make you think, use visualisation and be resilient… it’s not about speed, it’s about making connections and developing our enjoyment of problem-solving. “Which Script?” is the title of a problem tackled by some students, in which they were presented with a table containing 6 numbers written in 5 different scripts… Here it is below: Students had to sort out the different scripts...
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For Science this term we have been exploring mixtures – who uses mixtures, for what, where they are found etc. Over the last couple of days we have been seeing how a range of substances mix with other substances. We have combined cocoa powder, icing sugar, and puffed rice in different combinations. Also, we have been testing what happens when cornflour and water are combined, and how the mixture changes when different amounts of water are added. This afternoon we were mixing water, oil, an...
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Mil Lel 5/6/7 Students’ Writing Showcased In Writing Challenge!

Most weeks, our class participates in the “100 Word Challenge” global writing competition, using our blogs as a platform. Last week the students brainstormed in small groups how to “tighten the tension” in their writing, especially through the use of descriptions focusing on the five senses. The writing was published on their blogs, and the feedback we received this week was really exciting! Mrs McKenzie, a 100 Word Challenge commentator from New Zealand said this about ...
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Pizza Fractions

In the 4/5 class we have been working on equivalent fractions and placing them on number lines. Today in small groups students made a Hawaiian pizza and used an app on the iPad called Explain Everything to show different fractions on their pizza. Students worked excitedly in anticipation of eating the final product.
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Mystery Class Video

The 5/6/7 class is about to buddy with another class… somewhere in the world! Part of our getting to know each other is playing the “mystery class” game. Both classes make short videos which are shared privately with each other and in which they drop hints about where they are located. Following the videos, we will ask each other yes/no questions and race to be the first class to guess where the other is located! We will be watching our buddies’ video on Tuesday. Here is ...
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Buddy Cricket

On Friday, the 4/5 students assisted their F/1 buddy with cricket skills in preparation for our Pink Stumps Day.  Students first participated in throwing and batting stations, then ended by playing a buddy cricket match. The 4/5’s demonstrated great patience and were very supportive while helping their buddy to bat and bowl.
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Clean Up Australia Day

Since Clean Up Australia Day is this weekend, the Year 2/3 class did a rubbish pick-up in the school grounds today. Below is a photo of the children’s reactions when I suggested the rubbish pick-up (there may have been just a touch of acting!) We had a spare 5 minutes after we finished so we wrote some sizzling starts together. The names listed below each one is the name of the person who came up with the idea, but we worked on each one as a class to refine them… “AARGH!! Help, a s...
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