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Month: April 2018

Les Marrons De l’Automne: French Craft

Oh, it felt very nostalgic for me today in the 5/6/7 class! I introduced the students to the art of making creatures with conkers. Conkers – “marrons” in French – are the seed of the Conker or Horse-Chesnut tree. These trees are extremely common in France – indeed, just about every French schoolyard boasts at least one Conker tree. French kids love creating creatures out of conkers and matchsticks – I spent many hours as a child making small toys out of conker...
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Mixtures in Science

This morning was a busy morning in the Year 2/3 class. We watched a YouTube video about oil spills in the ocean and the impact that they have on birds and other wildlife. Then we set to work to discover how oil spills could be cleaned up from the ocean, and from bird’s feathers. We tested three liquids to see which one mixed with oil the best. We worked out that detergent mixed with oil the best. We also worked out that paper towels were the most absorbent type of cloth that we had. So we went ...
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Easter Maths

On Thursday, the 4/5 class worked on an Easter themed problem solving activity. A container filled with 15 hollow Easter eggs, was emptied and then re filled with solid mini eggs. Students were asked to find a way of working out how many eggs would be in the container. Students did a great job working out what information was important and coming up with different strategies to solve the problem. Towards the end of the lesson we counted the eggs, then worked out how many eggs each student would ...
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Shaylah’s Lesson: Easter Baskets Weaving

On Thursday last week, Shaylah taught the 5/6/7 class how to weave Easter baskets. She’d had the idea to make them, so she was asked to research the method, trial it and organise supplies with the help of Mrs Jones, prior to teaching the class how to make the baskets. Shaylah did a fantastic job, explaining the method clearly and helping everyone through a task that tested all children’s motor skills and persistence. It was interesting to hear Shaylah’s peers comment on how ve...
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