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Month: May 2018

Year 2/3 excursion

Today the Year 2/3 class went on an excursion. We had two different areas of focus. The first was a HASS focus where we gathered as much information as we could about who (and what) uses the Blue Lake, and for what purposes. We will also be using what we’ve seen today as a catalyst for studying how the Blue Lake area has changed over time.   The second focus was a Science/Geography focus where we learned about groundwater – how water gets underground, the flow of groundwater int...
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Preservice Teacher- Mrs Cameron

This week we welcomed Mrs Cameron to our class. Mrs Cameron is a 3rd Year Pre-service teacher who will be with our class for 5 weeks. Throughout her 5 weeks Mrs Cameron will gradually increase her teaching load to gain as much teaching experience as she can. Please make Mrs Cameron feel welcome and feel free to have a chat with her next time you are in our class.  
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Team Work in The F/1 class

So far this term we have had a focus on working together and getting along. We have participated in hands on learning experiences to practise working as a team and develop our problem solving skills. The children are enjoying these STEM based challenges and are using critical and creative thinking and developing problem solving skills as well as learning ways to communicate and work as a team. Challenge 1- Create a bridge using cups and pop-sticks to hold 20 teddies. We had 3 different challenge...
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Mothers Day Buddy Activity

Last week the 4/5 students worked their F/1 buddy to create a card for Mothers Day. Siblings were able to buddy up and spend their time creating one card for mum. The 4/5 students were great buddies and helped the F/1’s with writing in their cards. They all turned out fantastic!
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Beach Clean Up Mission Is A Success

On Monday this week, our excursion to Brown’s Bay was back on! The 5/6/7s enjoyed a tremendous day at the beach. The students all had a lot of fun whilst doing their bit for the environment and consolidating their Science learning. Since the start of the year, we have been focusing on the ocean and its importance to humans. We’ve explored the mechanisms of ocean currents, the impact that the ocean has on climate, and the impact that Climate Change is having and will likely have on t...
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Autumn Art in the 5/6/7

Lovely Autumn Art produced by the students last week. A three-step project, including white paint impressions of dried leaves, cool colour background and soft & oil pastels in warm colours over the white leaf prints. Some artworks burst with loud and joyful colours, others are more subtle – all are a delight to look at. Come in to our classroom to admire them – they look so much nicer in real life!
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