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Year 2/3 water talks

Thank you very much to Wendy Telfer who came in today to talk to us about her role helping to manage the district’s water supply in her role at Natural Resources Management. She gave us so much interesting information. We all learned a lot, including Mr Savage! Later in the day, the children interviewed each other about what they have learned this term about our region’s water supply and how to use water sustainably.
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Countdown Maths

“Letters And Numbers” is a game show that used to be shown on SBS. In this Australian adaptation of a French TV show, contestants battle to form the longest possible words out of letters picked at random, and to reach a given number target using only specific numbers also drawn at random. In our class, we use the free web-based program “Countdown Maths” to warm up our brains each morning. Students draw 6 numbers at random. They can choose between “big numbers”...
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Lions Mad Minute Grand Challenge Was Today!

Today Noah, Shaylah and Zac travelled with Mrs Pratt to attend the Lions Mad Minute Grand Challenge at Mount Gambier High School. The venue was packed with students, teachers and supporters from 15 schools.  The Lions volunteers did a wonderful job of running the event. Schools were being drawn at random and our school ended up being the last one to compete! If you are not familiar with the Lions Mad Minute, during this public speaking event students draw a random topic and speak to it for a min...
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“Blue Murder” Play Posters

Last week the 5/6/7 students were given a real job by The Mount Gambier Theatre Group: to come up with a poster to advertise the one-act play “Blue Murder”. The theatre group were urgently looking for a poster, and to thank the students for their work, offered to run a mini-competition with the winning designer(s) to receive two free tickets to the “Blue Murder” play on either Friday 17th or Saturday 18th August. Ashley in our class is playing the part of the landlady in ...
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Year 2/3 guest speakers

A big thank you to Russel and Belinda for coming into our class over the last two days and talking to us about how water is used at their work. The children enjoyed hearing about how water is mixed with methanol and sprayed into airplane engines to help them take off, and also about the range of uses for water at a trucking company. The children thought of lots of interesting questions to ask before and during their visits. Thank you again!
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Marine Biologist Visit

Today was a very lucky day for the 5/6/7 students, as they were visited by marine biologist Simone Ramage, an alumni of Mil Lel Primary School. We have been learning about the ocean for two terms now, focusing first on the impact of the ocean on climate, and then on its importance as a living environment. The students brainstormed questions to ask Miss Ramage before her visit. Simone presented the students with very interesting information based on her personal experiences. Her presentation answ...
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Lions Mad Minute Nominees 2018

Friday last week was the day all Year 5 students had been excitedly waiting for: the Lions Mad Minute judging day! Lions Rory McEwen and Elizabeth Hodges visited our school and ran a very entertaining public speaking competition for all students from Year 4 to year 7. The children in both the 4/5 and 5/6/7 classrooms had been busy practising their skills at speaking to a topic for one minute. The quality of the performers’ voice, language and posture were taken in consideration, as were el...
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Y567 PE

Yesterday the weather denied us the chance to complete our PE lesson outside. It was the perfect opportunity for students to use their critical and creative thinking to make indoor games using a selected range of objects, two players and a maximum game duration of four minutes. Students instructed their peers, tried new games and used the time to modify games to improve them. As they have consistently done this semester students applied themselves to their work and did a great job!
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