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Month: August 2018

Excursion to the Library, Cave Gardens and the Theatre

Today we went on our excursion to the library, cave gardens and the theatre to watch ‘The Cranky Bear’. We were given a tour of the library where we were shown all the different places within the library and even got to sit around the large table in the history room where we had to be very quiet as it is a ‘soft noise’ room. We went through the cave and listened to the book ‘Rodney Looses it’ which is very funny. Due to the weather we could only explore the Cave Gardens for a short time, but we...
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Crazy Hair Day

   The Yr 4/5 class will be having a crazy hair day next Tuesday 4th of September. This is a reward won for the class by Mia, who wanted to spend her Class Dojo points on this day! There is no obligation to participate, and no donation required.
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Goodbye Winter!

To celebrate the end of winter on Friday the 31st of August the Yr 4/5 class will be having a winter fun day!   Students are invited to bring slippers to wear in class, wear a favourite beanie, scarfe, or gloves, have a hot chocolate, and participate in some fun activities!
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Exploring weight

Today we made balance scales using a cylinder shaped container (like a pencil pot or cardboard roll,) and a cardboard egg carton or small box. We then tested how to make it balance on the cylinder. Children discovered that the cardboard needs to be in the middle on the cylinder so that it will have the same about on each side to make it balanced. After they were able to balance their cardboard, they began exploring with various items to see what objects would weigh the same. There was lots of pr...
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Mrs Johns’ visit

A very big thank you to Mrs Johns for visiting the Year 2/3 classroom today to talk to us about the Mil Lel Hall. Learning about important local places is part of our HASS curriculum and we certainly learned a lot today about the Mil Lel Hall and why it has been important to the Mil Lel community.  
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Chiropractor visit

Today our class and the F/1 class have had a visit from Dr Nathaniel Thorpe who is a chiropractor at The Chiropractic Domain. He taught us about the role of the spine in protecting nerves and how important this is. We also learned about how to sit properly to take care of our backs, and how to carry schoolbags. We also practised some exercises we can do to keep our spine healthy.  
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Science Week Technology Challenge

Last week was National Science Week, and to celebrate it we ran some special activities. In Design & Technology, the students were given a challenge to design a toy car powered by a rubber band. This task was given without any concrete instructions, and it was fascinating to see the students work in groups to arrive at a solution: And here are a couple of movies showing the two vehicles that actually managed to move beyond the starting line: https://cdos.run/u-0/sites/813/2018/08/...
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Today we were lucky to have Amberlie’s family bring in their baby goats. The children asked questions, patted and feed the goats their milk. The children were also the photographers to capture the exciting experience of having goats at our school.
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