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Year 4 to 5

STEM challenge day

Today the Year 4/5 class were given the challenge to work in teams of three or four to design and build a marble run. The objective was to engineer the run which would take the maximum amount of time for the marble to reach the end. Teams used trial and error in their designs, with testing and re-testing, modifications needed to happen on the spot as creations failed when put to the test! Overall the students showed persistence and ingenuity in their creations, and displayed an excellent level o...
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Hockey Equipment

For PE we are going to be looking at and playing hockey in the next few weeks. This will be a modified version, with softer balls and no goalie. The school has equipment such as shin pads, but if you would like your child to wear a mouth guard you will need to provide one. With softer balls and no sticks above the knee, this should be unnecessary, but I will leave it to your family to decide. Students are allowed to bring their own stick and shin pads if they wish. We start on Friday, weather pe...
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Save your recyclables!

Can you please save and send to school in the next two weeks any empty paper rolls (such as glad wrap), meat trays and small cardboard boxes (such as cereal and Shapes boxes) for a STEM challenge that we will be doing in Week 2? Thanks a bunch!
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Reconciliation Art Buddy Activity

Buddy Art Activity Last week the 4/5 students created an Indigenous Art piece with their F/1 buddy. Students created an Art piece that needed to have a hand print and Aboriginal symbols for Reconciliation week. Students were very creative in their designs and worked fantastically!
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Mothers Day Buddy Activity

Last week the 4/5 students worked their F/1 buddy to create a card for Mothers Day. Siblings were able to buddy up and spend their time creating one card for mum. The 4/5 students were great buddies and helped the F/1’s with writing in their cards. They all turned out fantastic!
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Easter Maths

On Thursday, the 4/5 class worked on an Easter themed problem solving activity. A container filled with 15 hollow Easter eggs, was emptied and then re filled with solid mini eggs. Students were asked to find a way of working out how many eggs would be in the container. Students did a great job working out what information was important and coming up with different strategies to solve the problem. Towards the end of the lesson we counted the eggs, then worked out how many eggs each student would ...
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Pizza Fractions

In the 4/5 class we have been working on equivalent fractions and placing them on number lines. Today in small groups students made a Hawaiian pizza and used an app on the iPad called Explain Everything to show different fractions on their pizza. Students worked excitedly in anticipation of eating the final product.
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