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Year 1 and Foundation

Excursion to the Library, Cave Gardens and the Theatre

Today we went on our excursion to the library, cave gardens and the theatre to watch ‘The Cranky Bear’. We were given a tour of the library where we were shown all the different places within the library and even got to sit around the large table in the history room where we had to be very quiet as it is a ‘soft noise’ room. We went through the cave and listened to the book ‘Rodney Looses it’ which is very funny. Due to the weather we could only explore the Cave Gardens for a short time, but we...
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Exploring weight

Today we made balance scales using a cylinder shaped container (like a pencil pot or cardboard roll,) and a cardboard egg carton or small box. We then tested how to make it balance on the cylinder. Children discovered that the cardboard needs to be in the middle on the cylinder so that it will have the same about on each side to make it balanced. After they were able to balance their cardboard, they began exploring with various items to see what objects would weigh the same. There was lots of pr...
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Today we were lucky to have Amberlie’s family bring in their baby goats. The children asked questions, patted and feed the goats their milk. The children were also the photographers to capture the exciting experience of having goats at our school.
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Being scientists to explore light

We have been exploring light. Yesterday we used black cardboard to make a telescope. We put a sticker on another piece of cardboard and had to explore how many holes were needed to be able to see the sticker. This lead to great discussions about the size of holes letting in different amounts of light, the angle of the sticker and the angle of the light coming into the telescope, where people were standing in the room-close to a window/far from a window. We also came up with interesting wondering...
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Week 3 learning intentions

Our learning intentions for this week have been the following… Also, I will be out of the school tomorrow and Monday as I will be attending  STEM Professional Learning days. Mrs Grubb will be teaching the class. The children are familiar with Mrs Grubb and enjoy having her in our classroom.
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Maps for the BeeBots

We created maps for the BeeBots. We used grid paper and materials to create obstacles for the BeeBot to move around. We then used our coding arrows to show the path to program the beebot around the map. The children used their cooperation, commuinication and thinking skills throughout this learning experience as well as building on their technology and mathematics skills.     
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Checking the habitats

On Friday we checked the habitats we had created. We found lots of worms! We noticed some of the food had been eaten and we think by snails, but we only found snail shells in the habitats we created. We looked in the leafy cauliflowers and found some snails on the leaves.
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