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Clean Up Australia Day

Since Clean Up Australia Day is this weekend, the Year 2/3 class did a rubbish pick-up in the school grounds today. Below is a photo of the children’s reactions when I suggested the rubbish pick-up (there may have been just a touch of acting!)

We had a spare 5 minutes after we finished so we wrote some sizzling starts together. The names listed below each one is the name of the person who came up with the idea, but we worked on each one as a class to refine them…

  • “AARGH!! Help, a snake!!” I yelled. “Hang on that’s not a snake. It looks like an old pipe.” When Mr Savage told us we would be picking up rubbish I didn’t expect to find a pipe in these bushes. I bent down to pick it up and saw what looked like a $100 note (Evie)
  • “I can see a tissue!” I yelled. Wait a minute, the tissue is all bloody. I don’t want to pick that up. We are picking up rubbish for Clean Up Australia Day. If I am going to pick this tissue up I’m going to need to get some gloves first! (Matilda C)
  • I thought I was going to enjoy Clean Up Australia Day. But this is rubbish. I hate rubbish! I’m scared of rubbish! I wish we didn’t have to pick up rubbish today. And now there’s a snail! I’m scared of them too! What am I going to do??? (Jemima)