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How We Fixed The Fairy Tales

During Term 2, the 5/6/7 and 2/3 classes buddied up for a 3D Printing project.

Their brief: in small groups, identify a fairy tale and in it, a character who has a problem. Design a 3D object to solve this character’s problem.

The 3D objects designed are very creative. It was fascinating to watch the objects become a reality thanks to the school’s amazing 3D printer. The objects were coloured by their creators.

They will be displayed in the front office for the first week of Term 3 if you would like a closer look.


The Windmegaphone will increase the power of the wolf’s puff so he can successfully blow down the Three Little Pigs’ brick house!

A boat to help the Gingerbread Man!

A muzzle to stop the wolf eating the Three Little Pigs.

These clever pieces of jewellery will repel any unworthy princes!

A plate topped with delicious-looking food, and some cutlery… the wolf will be lured and poisoned!

Another raft for the Gingerbread Man – he’ll never be in trouble again!

This colourful fish is still reflecting on its fairy tale life mission.

Robopig will lure the wolf away from the Three Little Pigs

The Gingerbread Man is sure to escape with this excellent boat.

An arrow with TNT strapped to it!

A submarine for the Gingerbread Man (It’s even got a “G” on the back!)

A sturdy hammer