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Lions Mad Minute Grand Challenge Was Today!

Today Noah, Shaylah and Zac travelled with Mrs Pratt to attend the Lions Mad Minute Grand Challenge at Mount Gambier High School.

The venue was packed with students, teachers and supporters from 15 schools.  The Lions volunteers did a wonderful job of running the event. Schools were being drawn at random and our school ended up being the last one to compete! If you are not familiar with the Lions Mad Minute, during this public speaking event students draw a random topic and speak to it for a minute.

All students were obviously well prepared, and it was interesting to spot the different techniques schools had used to prepare their students. We noticed some original hand gestures and some “sizzling start” type openings for example. One technique our students were the only ones to use was to engage the audience by asking them to respond to a question.

Zac’s topic was “Losing Something”,¬†Shaylah’s was “Under My Bed” and Noah’s was “My Favourite Song”.

Noah won second place overall with his humorous speech about his favourite song, even though he didn’t have one! The Lions’ spokesperson called him “The Man With No Song”! It was a funny and exhilarating moment when Noah’s name was announced.

Our three students all did a tremendous job. All their hard work and practice of the past few weeks really paid off. Importantly, the children were challenged today, their pulses were racing and at times they were probably wishing they were somewhere else… but in the end they conquered their fears and experienced a wonderful feeling of achievement and pride. Well done to them and to all the 4/5/6/7 students who took part in this very important learning activity.