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Lions Mad Minute Nominees 2018

Friday last week was the day all Year 5 students had been excitedly waiting for: the Lions Mad Minute judging day!

Lions Rory McEwen and Elizabeth Hodges visited our school and ran a very entertaining public speaking competition for all students from Year 4 to year 7. The children in both theĀ 4/5 and 5/6/7 classrooms had been busy practising their skills at speaking to a topic for one minute.

The quality of the performers’ voice, language and posture were taken in consideration, as were elements of humour and of the relevance of the points made by the speaker.

Mr McEwen was very supportive and made all students feel comfortable straight away. All children had a turn at drawing a topic at random before speaking in front of their peers. Public speaking can be a daunting exercise, however the students all spoke confidently and encouraged one another throughout the morning. They reported feeling great elation and a sense of achievement after competing. All students received a participation certificate.

Three students were selected by the judges to represent Mil Lel Primary School at the upcoming Grand Challenge on Tuesday 26th June. You can see Zac, Shaylah and Noah in the photograph below as they received their certificate and prize money from the wonderful Lions.