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Marine Biologist Visit

Today was a very lucky day for the 5/6/7 students, as they were visited by marine biologist Simone Ramage, an alumni of Mil Lel Primary School.

We have been learning about the ocean for two terms now, focusing first on the impact of the ocean on climate, and then on its importance as a living environment. The students brainstormed questions to ask Miss Ramage before her visit.

Simone presented the students with very interesting information based on her personal experiences. Her presentation answered many of the questions the students had thought of, such as “what was your inspiration to become a marine biologist?” or “why do we need marine biologists?”.

Following Simone’s talk, the students asked her more questions before being presented with many samples of marine life such as dried specimens of plants and animals, shells and scientific diagrams. The items were inspected by everyone with much curiosity.

We thanked Miss Ramage profusely for her generosity in taking the time to give back to Mil Lel Primary School. It was excellent to not only receive first-hand information reinforcing the learning we have been doing in class, but also to see a woman scientist in action!