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Mixtures in Science

This morning was a busy morning in the Year 2/3 class. We watched a YouTube video about oil spills in the ocean and the impact that they have on birds and other wildlife. Then we set to work to discover how oil spills could be cleaned up from the ocean, and from bird’s feathers. We tested three liquids to see which one mixed with oil the best.

We worked out that detergent mixed with oil the best. We also worked out that paper towels were the most absorbent type of cloth that we had. So we went outside and created oil spills in containers of water. We also put goose feathers in the oil spills. Then we washed the feathers clean using detergent, and we cleaned up the oil from the water with paper towels.

Also this morning, we discovered that the ink in black texta’s can be made from mixtures. To do this we drew black lines on paper towels and then put the bottom tips of the paper towels in water. We found that the water rose as the paper towels absorbed it and it showed us that the black was made from different colours mixed together, and that different brands of textas had different colours in the mixtures!