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Plastic Pollution Posters & Infographics

Since our beach excursion a couple of weeks back, the UP students have been busy analysing the data from our rubbish collection. Using Excel, we sorted the information into tables and generated percentages and graphs.

The first one shows the breakdown of the different types of rubbish we found on the beach:

64.2% of all rubbish was plastic!

The second one drills down into the different types of plastic we found:

Of all plastic, 52.7% was made of packaging items (bottles, wrappers, lids, tops, etc…).

Below are some of the posters and infographics the students created after their investigation:

All work was generated using the website Canva.

Many of these posters – and others – are now on display at the school’s front office and in our classroom. Feel free to drop by to take a look at them!