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Year 2/3 excursion to Woolworths

Today we went on an excursion to Woolworths for an excursion to learn about fruits and vegetables and how they are grown. When we got back we wrote wote a paragraph each, in small groups, to put together to come up with a class recount. Here is a recount we made by using some of the paragraphs that we wrote.


Our excursion

“Wow, look at all the different fruits there are!” I said to Grace. “This excursion to Woolworths is going to be fun!”.

The first thing we did at Woolworths was to go to the bakery area where we had lots of fun. We had to put hair nets on and we felt dough. We asked questions like “How do you make the dough?”, How long does the dough have to set?”, and “Why is it so cold?”. We saw a big machine that you mix the mixture in.

Then Diana and Victoria took us for a walk out the back and they showed us a machine that crushed cardboard boxes into a square so that they could be recycled. They showed us the spot where the trucks came in and delivered the food to Woolworths. Then we went to the freezer and when they opened it, it was freezing!

At the end of the excursion we got to stand around a table and see how different vegetable smelled, felt, looked and sounded. We also played a game where we had to stand near an adult depending on where our fruit or vegetable grew.

“Wait, I think those fruits are actually for us to eat” Grace answered. Sure enough, the lady told us we could have as many fruits as we wanted. I filled my cup with fruit and ate until I was full. Excursions are the best!!!!!